creativity + practicality

It had to be the Duran Duran (yes, the Double D!) CD I bought with my allowance at Camelot music – $18 – that could have bought me half a pair of jeans at the Gap. Decisions, decisions. The CD artwork was mesmerizing – with its collaging of composite photography and experimental typography.

And it had to be the subscription to Rolling Stone magazine, during this time RS was at the height of its creative and experimental design reign. I would pore over the pages, cutting out the artwork to make school book covers and decorate school folders. One summer I created a border around my bedroom consisting of cut out magazine artwork and typography – my parents weren't thrilled but I was.

These events shaped my love for graphic design. At the time I didn't know what it was called, but I knew it was art that was also doubling as information – I loved the abstract creativity coupled with the concrete practicality. 

And from that, my passion grew into degrees in both graphic design and marketing and a 15 year and counting career as a professional graphic designer, designing across a wide scope of media. Business focused and creatively driven!